I watched in amazement as a man gave CPR to a boxer that was participating in a training class at a park.  The story of Sugar the Boxer brought tears to my eyes!  And then it occurred to me that I'm not really quite sure that if I were in the same position I would have known what to do!  It started me thinking that, after seeing this amazing video, I should probably find out just how to administer CPR to a canine!  A lot of us, I'm sure, are educated in how to administer this life giving procedure to another human being, but, what if you were faced with your best friend lying in the grass, motionless?  Would you have the first clue what to do? I, for one, until I saw this, am embarrassed to say that until now, I would not.

It also got me thinking about how many times this situation has actually happened.  I did some research and I found it absolutely amazing as to how many times people have given CPR to a dog and saved the life of the dog!

I found an article in "The Huffington Post" about a man in Tampa, FL, the very city I live in, where a dog's owner saved the dog from an alligator attack and had to give the dog CPR after the alligator dragged it under the water.  The dog survived, the alligator got shot, and it was a "happy ending"!  I looked at Max, my 10 yr. old Lab, and he was looking at me like, "I know I would have drowned, Mama!  You need to go learn how to do doggy CPR!"

More research turned up many more stories of CPR being used on dogs.  I'm writing this mainly so that those of you, like myself, who don't know doggy CPR can take the steps to learn it now, before we are faced with a situation like the one's in these stories.  I, for one, know that I would never forgive myself if I knew I could have saved my dog's life and didn't simply because I never took the time to learn.

It's definitely something to think about!

Denise and Max!