Cool Places To Visit and Join!

Here are some really cool sites I've come across during web surfing!  They are just really neat places to visit.  I haven't categorized them yet, (I plan on doing that later), but check these out and let me know what you think of them!

  • Pet Connection  Visit this site at:  for some of the best animal advice on the Internet.  Have questions you couldn't find the answers to anywhere else?  The Pet Connection WILL help you out!  From medical advice to training to simply helping you find the pet that is right for you and your family, this site is a must see before making any decisions.  Five stars from Max and Me!

  • Visit this site at  Here's a site that's sponsored by People Magazine and reads just like the real thing!  All kinds of crazy stories, stars and their pets, paparazzi photos, and much, much more!  Join for updates.  Check often for the "pet buzz" of the day!

  • Dog owners need to check out Dogster!  Visit the site at  Here dog owners can join forums, chat, visit the virtual dog park , or whatever other groups you might like!  Fun site with lots of groups to join!  See you there.

  • One of my all time favorites is For the Love of the Dog BlogThis bog by Deanna Raeke is one of the best places to stay informed on all things doggy related.  From news stories to great events, Deanna will keep you up to date.  Check it out and sign up to follow now for great news and stories.
  • More to come!

Send us your favorite sites that you think are fun, exciting or informative!  We'll get them posted so we can all share!

Don't forget, Maxwell and Me is open for comments from all types of pet owners!  Horses, cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, you name it!  So don't be shy, tell us where you shop for your non-human loved ones, or tell us about your favorite sites!

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